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Free Dinner, On Us. Read These 7 Moving Tips.

Free Dinner, On Us. Read These 7 Moving Tips.

We're really spilling the beans here. Want to save more time and spend less money on your move? Check out our personally-written article that's guaranteed to keep your moving-costs low!

   When hiring a professional moving company, you will more than likely face hourly charges. When it comes to your move, we have 7 essential tips that will decrease your move time and increase your savings when it comes to the final bill!


1) Set all boxes in easily accessible designated area, such as a front-room, garage, or living room. This will make it easy for your moving team to navigate heavy or large pieces of furniture with ease. A more efficient move means a quicker one!


2) Make sure all drawers/dressers are emptied out. Especially if any glass, fragile or breakable items. Sometimes furniture will have to be tilted, turned, and moved in unique ways that could possibly cause any items inside to be damaged. If full, the drawers will have to be removed and transported separately; this would definitely cause an increase in move-time.


3) Have a plan in mind for the set-up in your new home. Knowing where you want your boxes, furniture and items to go in your new home is essential to an efficient unload. Things will be moving quickly, so there might not be a lot of time between items to decide on placement. We want to make sure everything goes exactly in place where you’d like it! When it comes to boxes, a central area for all boxes will usually save the most time.


4) On that note, make sure your boxes are securely packed and very clearly labeled.  When it comes to stacking in a truck, securely packed boxes are a necessity. Make sure each box is taped on both sides and filled with packing paper to create a solid surface on all every face. Boxes will always need to be stacked on top of furniture and on each other, so the stronger the better. When it comes to heavier items such as books, make sure to use smaller boxes. Having your boxes very clearly labeled at unload makes it easier/quicker for your team to place them directly in the needed location.


5) Disassemble/Reassemble as much as you can. Not that we aren’t happy to take care of your furniture, but this process can be very lengthy at times depending on the item.


6) Transport your small electronics such as table lamps, monitors, and computers. These items are better transported in a personal vehicle alongside the move. If needed, make sure to pack these types of items packed securely (with plenty of packing paper) in clearly-marked boxed boxes transit to avoid damages.


7) Do a “pre-move clearing” prior to the team arriving on move day. Make sure all hallways (ESPECIALLY if any hallway to the front-door) are clear of items and boxes. An open space in front of each doorway will also help to save time and increase efficiency. If there isn’t a clear path, the movers will have to spend the extra time making one, causing a higher hourly time.


 There you have it! If you follow these 7 tips, it’s guaranteed you will save time on move day. Depending on the size of your move, generally following these tips will save at least an hour – which means more money in your pocket at the end of your move. Of course in any case, the best bet is to hire a local professional moving company like US to service all of your moving needs. We would love to hear from you!



Another 5-star review!
Maria Savage

I can’t express my feelings about the service we received today. These young men were so helpful, professional, friendly and outstanding. I could not have asked for a better experience. We definitely recommend this company and would use them again if we ever needed them. Thank you so much Dillon, Matt & Will😉

pre-move clearing,Disassemble/Reassemble,new home,professional moving company
Harry Chen

Mike and Andreas are really nice and efficient. They helped us move the entire house in 4 hours without any damage or issues. They arrived on time. The truck is clean. They wrapped all the furnitures. They made the move a much easier undertake. I highly recommend their services.

pre-move clearing,Disassemble/Reassemble,new home,professional moving company
Brittney DeFoe

10/10 would recommend!!! These guys are great! Great communication and customer service. They handled my family’s move with such care. We were very happy with how they handled everything. We will definitely be using them for all of our future moves. Thank you Mike and team!